Luv My Nails - Exceptional Services at Affordable Prices
Luv My Nails
By appointment only
call or text 
(630) 392-6165
22 East Chicago Ave. Ste 113M
                                 Downtown Naperville, IL

Healthy, Beautiful Nails
Having 25 years experience in the Nail Industry I welcome the opportunity to help educate you, earn your trust, and provide Exceptional Services at very Affordable Prices.
When you look good, you feel good!
I am confident you will say, I "Luv My Nails".
Are you 100% satisfied with your Nail Care?
Are you frustrated with language barriers?  Lack of privacy?  Do you question sanitation/disinfection procedures? 
Luv My Nails follows the strict Illinois State Sanitation & Disinfection Regulation guidelines for all services provided, to ensure each client's Personal Safety.
All nail implements (toe nail/cuticle nippers, & cuticle pushers) are sterilized with hospital grade disinfectant after each service.  All nail files, foot files, callus reducers, buffers and orange wood sticks are labeled and stored for each individual client.


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